March 7, 2015

As spring comes..

All around here becomes just wonderful. Everything will be green in  3 - 4 weeks.
Balkans are blossoming!
And I'm amused and happy with this period.
Some images are photo credit by Vlad Dumitrescu.
Check his profile in Facebook:

More photos:

February 28, 2015

Last Winter illustration

Today is the last day of winter and I come with close-ups from my last illstration I finished today. New York of 1900.
Good bye, Winter!  :))

January 15, 2015

Ionela's Winter Illustration

New illustration made for energic and fantastic girl, we appreciate here in Moldova.
It was a good occassion, as we celebrated yesterday Old New Year !

 How it started.

This is Ionela :)

November 28, 2014


This illustration is dedicated to this November.
This kind of composition gives a lot of freedom but the illustration didn't go easy this time.
I wanted less of blue, more colorful palette, tried to combine different emotions and.. as you see the Big Blue wins always!

I used Winsor&Newton and White Nights watercolours. Surprisingly them make a good team. White Nights have mild tone of beige that in Winsor&Newton are all strong tones.
43cm x 53 cm (17" x 21")

And here goes the work in progress:

Have a great December !!!

November 27, 2014

PESTO (illustration) for your pasta

These days I felt that a Pesto illustration is a must for this end of November. Because when is cold I always want a plate of pasta, and because I love pesto.

I prepare it every time with fresh ingredients and never buy it from the super market.
There's a classic recipe of Pesto alla Genovese, but for a mild taste I use half parsley, half basil. Is easy enough to prepare if you have 20 min and a mixer :)

Also, this illustration and others will be available for sell from 3 December.                                          

I used Winsor&Newton watercolors and Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 12"x18" paper for this illustration. And some touch of Kooh-I-Noor brown ink.

October 21, 2014

Morning(Cat) in the Garden

Last work I finished these days. Will be possible to find it in the shop till December.

I was inspired by mediterranean gardens, especially succulents from my friend, Antonina, little garden.

October 14, 2014

October is a melancholic month

October for me is like a little remember note about winter.
When there's no book project on the way, this period becomes so slow((
and I jump between illustration, sketches and preservation. Is preservation time also :)

My inspiration for now:


June 25, 2014

Brela and sea magic

It was long time I didn't "visit" properly my blog, and there's an excuse for it.
I had a great time with beautiful project all these months, and hope to show soon (2015) illustrations I made for this book. I hope it will happen till May 2015. For now I only can say it's a book about enormous love and passion for all beautiful birds.

After 3 months of work I had an occasion to visit again Croatia - a little paradise in the middle of Europe. Especially Brela, where our friends live, is a nice place to find silence and fantastic pine woods in front of the sea. In Croatia you can find all together - mountain, pines, palms, that mervelous sea you'll never forget and kind people.

I had five days for charging batteries.

Palms, cactus and mountains - some pics from Tenerife Islands or Madeira?.. is the same Croatia :)

December 24, 2013


This is my last illustration this year that I finished 2 days ago, as a little present for one dear friend.
And I'm happy to share it with you today!


Enjoy other photos below..

December 7, 2013

How it happens..

It was a great, green-yellow november..
Here are some photos how of illustration work in progress below:

August 5, 2013

Promotion :)

Nate and Salli are so nice to promote this week my illustrations on their TDAC site! 
I'm thrilled! Big thank to them both for this great opportunity!

July 9, 2013

Spicy Fig JAM

Recipe I made for TDAC site..Nate and Salli are so enthusiastic with our illustrations  that is impossible to stop to draw recipes :)..This time a sweet and spicy "antipasto"! Check the link bellow:

Something sweet & spicy (work in progress)..

Its about kitchen.. Other news these days :)