Brela and sea magic

It was long time I didn't "visit" properly my blog, and there's an excuse for it.
I had a great time with beautiful project all these months, and hope to show soon (2015) illustrations I made for this book. I hope it will happen till May 2015. For now I only can say it's a book about enormous love and passion for all beautiful birds.

After 3 months of work I had an occasion to visit again Croatia - a little paradise in the middle of Europe. Especially Brela, where our friends live, is a nice place to find silence and fantastic pine woods in front of the sea. In Croatia you can find all together - mountain, pines, palms, that mervelous sea you'll never forget and kind people.

I had five days for charging batteries.

Palms, cactus and mountains - some pics from Tenerife Islands or Madeira?.. is the same Croatia :)

Pine wood "sleeps" near sea.

Our friends were busy these days to finish the new house, modern one.

Old and new :)

And some flora and fauna...

See you next time, Brela..

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