The Girl with a Red Tulip

In february we dream about spring.. well, I imagine there's nobody who wants a little bit of snow :)
I like to paint these girls/ladies, wich I met in real life or not. Often not.
Today is about our national blouse, we believe will be a world patrimony piece soon _Ia, and especially red Ia. 'm not sure about origins but think is Oltenia region, south of Romania. Every line every form on tis blouse is a symbol from nature, from dreams or even history. Is a mix of Dacic and Roman roots but also Balcanic multicultural presence of last hundren of years. Wasn't my objective to illustrate the accuracy of forms on this blouse - only the moment and emotion of a very young girl, many many years ago. Maybe somebody gave her this tulip, maybe there's a last goodbye, maybe just dream about warm spring, or well done Ia she finished yesterday.. you imagine...

Watercolours on Fabriano paper 300gr, cold pressed.


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