November 28, 2014


This illustration is dedicated to this November.
This kind of composition gives a lot of freedom but the illustration didn't go easy this time.
I wanted less of blue, more colorful palette, tried to combine different emotions and.. as you see the Big Blue wins always!

I used Winsor&Newton and White Nights watercolours. Surprisingly them make a good team. White Nights have mild tone of beige that in Winsor&Newton are all strong tones.
43cm x 53 cm (17" x 21")

And here goes the work in progress:

Have a great December !!!

November 27, 2014

PESTO (illustration) for your pasta

These days I felt that a Pesto illustration is a must for this end of November. Because when is cold I always want a plate of pasta, and because I love pesto.

I prepare it every time with fresh ingredients and never buy it from the super market.
There's a classic recipe of Pesto alla Genovese, but for a mild taste I use half parsley, half basil. Is easy enough to prepare if you have 20 min and a mixer :)

Also, this illustration and others will be available for sell from 3 December.                                          

I used Winsor&Newton watercolors and Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 12"x18" paper for this illustration. And some touch of Kooh-I-Noor brown ink.